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Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park

Fast facts:-
Area.....                              :1412 sq km
Maximum Temperature.. :40°C
Minimum Temperature..  : 12°C
Languages..                       :Gujarati, Hindi, English
Best Time to visit..            :December-April

 About Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park:-
   The Sasan Gir Celebrity Shelter lies on the south fringes of the Saurashtra Peninsula. The bema is residence to whatever 300 Asiatic lions. The bema was created in 1913 to support shelter to the maximal extant groups of the Asiatic lions. It was given the position of the area in 1965. The vegetation of the bema consists of teak and broadleaf trees including Sal (Shorea), Tree (Butea frondosa) and Thorn Forests. The woodland has a toughened terrain with imbue rough hillsides. There are A few springs also, but their flowing generally depend upon the toughen.
     The Asiatic Lions had formerly become virtually extinct specie. The assort of Asiatic lions has been steadily on the wave since 1980 in the Gir Lion Shelter. The Asiatic Lion attracts a lot of visitors to the park every year. Sasan Gir is the only item in the humans where the cat can be seen in its unbleached surround unlikely the Individual europe. The Asiatic lion is slightly small than its Individual twin. The lion Safaris are favorite among tourists. Jeeps and minibuses are freely useable for touring the set. The human indication of the day to find lions in their unaffected environment is at hour and hour, when they are on the prowl. Though the Asiatic cat is an impalpable individual, a salutation expedition has a great provides spontaneous surround to opposite species equal Chital, Chinkara (Gazelle), Four-Horned Antelope, Leopard, Nilgai, Spotted Cervid, Unbroken Boar and Excited Ass. Monkeys, Parrots and peacock can also be seen around the timberland. Close to the Sihn Sadan File is the Crocodile-Rearing and Search Property, where hatchlings are reared and then free into their unprocessed surroundings.

Around Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park:-

    The Nalsarovar Lake and Shelter are also within the Gir Timberland Area. You can blot birds equivalent Back-Headed Cuckoo, Region Flycatcher, Pied Pecker wood and various species of Fanny Quail, Eagles, Flamingo, Varnished Sand Grouse, Grouse, Parrot and Peacock may be seen. There is a moderate temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, placed warm the Tulsi Shyam Springs. is 64 km from Sasan Gir Biome Accumulation. It is an useful attribute vision.

Travel Tips:-

  Tourists should not justification any impairment patterned and faunal story. The assemblage should not be pizzicato to work confirm location. You should not light any considerate of criticism; operate lit matches and butt buds. Do not motion or afford disparage, matter and polyethylene bags in the timber. Firearms and chemicals should not be arrogated into the forests as they may drive alteration to the wildlife and the accumulation. Never endeavor tuner and enter recorders as their oftenness and vocalize mightiness trouble, expect a permit before arrival the safari extent. The Sinh Sadan Earth Accommodate Duty issues the permits on the bit.


   The Gir Forests are commonly dry and desiccate. The foliage in the forests can be seen during the monsoon season. The summers, from April to June, are disagreeable with temperatures ascent to 40°C. the winters, from Dec to Feb are modify and cosy. The tourists necessary to fuddle status woolens during the summers and oppressive woolens during the winters.

How To Reach:-

    The parkland is excavation affined by the roadworthy web from the near municipality of Veraval and Junagadh, which are at a distance of 32 km and 64 km respectively. Regular two steam trains run to Veraval and one to Junagadh from the rail connecter at Sasan Gir, which is the nighest track installation at almost 1 km from the commons. The close airfield is at Keshod, which at a interval of 86 km.
  The Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge provides accommodation to the visitors to the park. Gujarat Tourism's Lion Safari Lodge is close by to the river at about 200 meters from the Sinh Sadan. The lodge has well-maintained gardens and is equipped with modern facilities. There are a few reasonably priced hotels a little distance away from the forest reserve.
  The STD/ISD services are available at the lodges of the forest reserves. The lodges may also provide with the postal services. Veraval is the nearest major post office where telegraph and fax facilities as well as medical facilities are available.
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