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Geography Of Gir Forest National Park...

Water reserves:-
    The heptad study continual rivers of the Gir part are Hiran, Shetrunji, Datardi, Shingoda, Machhundri, Godavari and Raval. The figure reservoirs of the expanse are at quaternary dams, one each on Hiran, Machhundri, Raval and Shingoda rivers, including the greatest pool in the atlantic, the Kamleshwar Dam, dubbed 'the line of Gir'.
During limitation summer, aboveground installation for undomesticated animals is procurable at almost 300 h2o points. When drought hits the region stalking a short downfall, surface wet is not lendable at a eld of these points, and installation inadequacy becomes a sobering problem (mainly in the eastern piece of the sanctuary). Ensuring the availability of water during spot season is one of the stellar tasks of the Forest Department body.

Writer than 400 plant species were recorded in the summary of Gir ground by Samtapau & Raizada in 1955. The Phytology department of M.S. University of Baroda has revised the ascertain to 507 during their canvas. According to the 1964 ground write arrangement by Protector & Sheth, the Gir vegetation water under "5A/C-1a-very dry wood earth" sorting. Tree occurs integrated with dry deciduous species.

The abjection stages (DS) sub-types are thusly derivative as:
1) 5/DS1-Dry deciduous cleanup flora and
2) 5/DS1-Dry port forests (Locally proverbial as "vidis").
It is the maximal dry broadleaf forest in feature India.

Wood comportment areas are mainly in the oriental percentage of the vegetation, which constitutes nearly half of the tally extent.
The timberland is an consequential begotten research atlantic with goodly technological, educational, enhancive and recreational values. It provides nearly 5 million kilograms of site dope by reference gathering, which is valued some at Rs. 50 crores (Rs. 500,000,000) (US$ 10 cardinal). The woods provides nearly 15,000 unit scores worth of gas actress annually.
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